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Dermot & Guna Landy

Dermot & Guna Landy have been happily married now for four great years, have a daughter named Rebekah Grace and are currently living in Milltown, County Kerry, Ireland.

Having come from two different backgrounds Dermot from a small village in Tipperary, Ireland and Guna from a town called Madona in Latvia, they both have been serving God in their lives for over ten years and have served in their local churches in different ministry capacities.

Dermot comes from a broken life of drug addiction and alcoholism and having had an incredible encounter with the Holy Spirit, gave His life to Christ and began the journey of that new life.

Dermot is a prophetic evangelist and his passion is for people to encounter God by His Holy Spirit.He speaks passionately about walking in God’s plan for your life, has huge experience in street evangelism and has planted one church already called New beginnings church in Killarney county Kerry Ireland. Dermot’s heart is to see more churches planted and to train leaders for the works of the ministry. Dermot is called to travel to the nations with the life changing message of freedom in Christ.

Guna was born into a believing family in a small town called Madona in Latvia and served in the baptist church for many years. Realising one day that going to church does not make you a believer or guarantee your salvation, while she was at home listening to worship music on the radio she realised that Jesus died for her sins and that she was not saved even though she was going to church she realised she did not know Jesus as her saviour at that moment she gave her life to Christ. She then began her new life in Him. Guna has extensive experience in youth camps, working with children, youth ministry and has also been a translator for pastors who travelled to Latvia from America. She is also a wonderful Mom to Rebekah Grace.

Having been called call to ministry four years ago they set out to go to Rhema Bible college in derry, northern Ireland. Guna having completed two years and Dermot graduating after three years their hearts are to travel and bring the message of hope and faith in God to the nations. They have set their lives on three things, faith in God, faith in His word and the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Since then they have been speaking in several churches around Ireland and hosting healing services in Killarney and Tralee and plan to plant many more churches as they go.